How to properly apply sunscreen?

By_Laser Origin, 23 July 2020

Who says summer, says sun, says sunscreen! However, there are many misconceptions about sun protection, here is a little summary to know everything about it.

What is sunscreen used for?

Sunscreen is a cream that contains an SPF which is a sun protection factor that measures how a sunscreen will protect from UVB rays, the kinds of radiation that cause sunburn, damage the skin and cause skin cancer.

No matter the season or the weather, whether you are indoors or outdoors, sunscreen is essential because UV rays are present 365 days a year. UVA rays pass through the windows, they do not give a sunburn but still damage the skin.

How to apply it?

Sunscreen should be the last step in your skincare routine because you apply care from the most liquid to the thickest and most protective (serum, moisturizer, sunscreen). However, there are now day creams that contain SPF! If you want to strengthen the protection, makeup products also contain an SPF. The addition of a cream and several makeup products with SPF will be excellent. We must remember to protect all areas and do not forget the ears and the eye area for example. Please note, clothes do not protect from UV rays, but some brands offer anti-UV products.

How often should you apply it?

If you work indoors but near windows, the layer of sunscreen applied in the morning is enough. However, if you work outdoors directly exposed to the sun, you will need to apply sunscreen every 2 hours, especially if you sweat or swim. Ideally, you should apply your protection about twenty minutes before going out to let the active ingredients work.

To conclude, sun protection is essential to respect and protect your skin from the sun which will damage the skin, create melasmas and premature aging, prevent scars and pigmented lesions from fading and worsen acne.