Good Food For Your Skin

By_Laser Origin, 12 August 2020

Food is important to nourish the interior of our body but also the exterior which is visible to everyone’s eyes. Today, we are going to see which foods are to be preferred to have a beautiful healthy skin.

There are 5 categories of foods that are good for your skin. Those that contain:

– Omega 6 for the elasticity of the skin

– Beta-carotene to look good

– Vitamin A to hydrate

– Antioxidants to fight against aging skin

– Proteins for tone

Omega 6 is excellent because it serves as a glue between the different cells, which makes the skin more elastic. It is found in soybeans, walnut oil and even chicken fed with corn.

Beta-carotene is better known because it is the one that makes your skin look good. It is present in orange-colored fruits and vegetables: apricots, carrots, oranges, mange, melon, etc. It is a natural pigment which will very slightly color the complexion, reviving it if these foods are eaten everyday

Vitamin A is also known because it is the one responsible for the hydration of the skin. Attention, hydration level, the best food you can give to your skin, and without limit, it is water! Vitamin A is present in green vegetables such as broccoli, green cabbage, spinach or even salad. These are also packed with antioxidants that fight skin aging.

Antioxidants are found in dark chocolate, green tea, thyme, cinnamon, raspberries, apples and even in pecans!

Finally, proteins, which are also well known to everyone, are essential for having a toned skin. They are found in meat, fish, eggs and soy.

To conclude, having a varied and balanced diet is important for the inside and outside of your body. If it is diligent, it will be felt by.