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Different Types Of Skin

By_Laser Origin, 28 August 2020

What types of skin?

We all know there are 4 skin types: dry skin, normal skin, combination skin and oily skin, but do we know what that means? And how to deal with it?

Dry skin is characterized by thin and sensitive skin, which pulls after having moistened it.

If your skin with few imperfections is soft, smooth, hydrated but not shiny, your skin is normal.

Combination skin is half dry and half oily skin, as its name suggests! If your skin is dry on the cheeks but shiny on the T-zone (front, nose, chin), your skin is combination.

If your skin is still shiny all over your face, your skin is definitely oily!

How to treat them?

If your skin is normal, continue to take care of it as you are used to. You know how to do it and you’re lucky: take advantage!

Dry skin is in need of hydration so do not skimp on serums, oils, moisturizer rather thick and drink lots of water.

Combination skin, unlike what you think, a need for hydration. Indeed, the sebum that makes your skin oily is a sign that the skin is lacking in hydration or poorly hydrated: either by skin care, or by food or by water! In addition, some birth control pills, and tobacco made the skin oilier. The best thing to do is apply a mattifying cream in the morning to regulate excess sebum and a gel style cream that will nourish the skin overnight.

Finally, if you have oily skin, you are surely a stressed person and / or exposed to pollution. Don’t be so fatalistic! Oily skin is the one that is most protected by external aggressions thanks to this layer of sebum. The steps to follow are to wash your face with a mild purifying soap, moisturize the skin to protect with a mattifying cream. It is also advisable to exfoliate your face about twice a week and follow up with a purifying mask.

To conclude, do not worry, your skin type is likely to change during your life and events. You just have to know how to deal with it properly.

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