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The Importance of Breakfast

By_Laser Origin, 11 June 2020

We have all already heard that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why?

During the night, our body starts to fast after dinner, which is the last meal of the day. Breakfast is then important because this meal breaks the fast of about 10 hours in which our body is put when we are sleeping.

Breakfast should be made up of the right nutrients because these are the first nutrients that enter our body in order to make all of the components of our body work properly.

First, we need to rehydrate the body with a sugar-free drink like tea or coffee. Our muscles need protein to get started so a protein food is essential to start the day like a fried egg, soy yogurt or cottage cheese. Vitamins are also very important in order to have energy. Fruit is the best option, but you should favor seasonal fruits in order to get the most out of vitamins and minerals. Finally, we need to feed our cells, which need fuel, just like our muscles. Carbohydrates are needed, which are contained in crackers or oatmeal, for example.

Hydration, protein, vitamins and carbohydrates are the reasons why breakfast is so important. Don’t forget that eating properly and being hydrated rhymes with radiant and healthy skin, smoother and clearer. Not bringing the right nutrients to your body means a malfunction but also a face with blemished skin that reflects the drinks or cakes you are eating that are too sweet.

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